What We Do

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How Does Hawaii Chrysalis Help?

Hawaii Chrysalis builds connections and advocate for youth and families of our community. Works in partnership with others to create successful relationships and improve the experience of the youth of families as they grow through the various stages of development together. Empower and educate the community to provides support, encouragement, love, guidance, and acceptance that children need to become successful, confident members of society.
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How does Hawaii Chrysalis serve the community?

We offer youth and their ohana a space to cultivate positive experiences that create opportunities to let the young people of our community know that their voices are being heard and that they are valued. We also provide a safe environment where youth and families can utilize their experiences and knowledge to foster change in their communities and in their own lives.
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Programs offered through Hawaii Chrysalis

Hawaii Chrysalis offers programs in community trainings on topics including Parenting, Foster Parenting, Youth-Directed Treatment Planning, Self Care, and Trauma. We try to do quarterly family connection activities to complete our mission; along with supportive family therapy and mentoring programs. We provide retreats for foster youth and their caregivers, mothers, helping professionals and fathers.

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